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Celene is a kink omnivore and jack-of-all-trades in the service of mental and spiritual expressions of higher concepts through kink. She started out as a bottom, but quickly discovered a voracious inner switch and has embraced that identity ever since. She is an energy player and believes strongly in the intimacy and connective power of kink in all its stripes.  It was this belief and a strong desire to give back to the community that has given her so much that led Celene to become one of three organisers for Friends With Benefits, a monthly play party in Calgary.   She is proud to be the “Princess of FWB” and it gives her so much joy to provide a space for kinksters in Calgary to come out and do their thing.

Celene has a successful freelance career as a musician and educator.   She is a sought after pianist, known for her supportive and nuanced playing in collaborative settings.  Outside of music, she is proud to speak and advocate for LGBTQ2S+ issues with businesses, municipalities, and interest groups around Southern Alberta. 

Celene is a first degree Wiccan Priestess.  She lives in Banff with her dog and life partner, Cassiopeia, who is absolutely the best dog.  13 out of 10.   Cassiopeia hates kink.  It worries her.  And she doesn’t like noises.

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