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RAK Lite 2023


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Maygen (She/They) is a sassy, sarcastic, fiaspec queer Leatherwoman who is grey-ace and demiromantic, she/they pronouns.


Maygen has been involved with her local BDSM community in various capacities for over a decade. In that time, they helped found a local dungeon, organized various social, educational and dungeon events. She’s also taught workshops, both locally, nationally and internationally. She has a strong desire to help folks learn to do what it is that we do in a safer and healthier manner. Maygen classifies a majority of their play as ‘risk aware’; she is a lover of needles, blood and laughter during play, with the occasional rough body play and wrestling thrown in. Feel free to approach Maygen and have a conversation; she won’t bite (unless negotiated).



~   More than skin deep: beyond the basics of needle play  ~


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