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Money Exchange  Policy 

There are 4 places at the convention where money can change hands:

1. Registration            

2. Vendors Hall

3. Friday bar ticket sales table 

4. Dungeon Concession stand

5. Bootblack stand for bootblack services

6. Tipping of performers during the Fetish Ball on Friday night.

That. Is. It.


Unless you have made arrangements to sell your goods and services in one of those places YOU CAN NOT SELL ANYTHING OR ACCEPT PAYMENT IN ANY FORM AT RANDOM ACTS OF KINK (RAK).


Let's break it down even more:

You cannot make things to bring and sell.

You cannot set up your own table and sell.

You absolutely! Can! Not! make arrangements to provide any sale or service out of your hotel room or the hotel room of another person! This includes photography sessions, paid play services, pro-dom services, sale of handmade or other items, massage therapy sessions or any other thing you can possibly think of. First of all, it's against hotel policy. They will throw you out (and possibly pursue legal action depending on what you are doing). Second, Random Acts of Kink (RAK) is not your mama's con. The things you get to see and do at Random Acts of Kink (RAK) are not always well received by non-Random Acts of Kink (RAK) folk.


Offering services of ANY KIND in a hotel room, as harmless or legal as they may be, at a convention such as Random Acts of Kink (RAK) can easily be misinterpreted by outsiders as something not so harmless or legal. Do not put us in that position. We don't like that position. It's our least favourite position.

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