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Q Wilson

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Q is a charming, flirtatious, self-identified queer, ethically non-monogamous/polyamorous, leather boi.  Q has presented on a variety of topics in his home of Oakland, California and abroad.

A social justice activist for over 20 years and certified sex educator, he is passionate about bringing together the various communities he is a part of through education, speaking engagements, and sex work. 


Q first encountered bootblacking while attending his very first leather event, Together in Leather, in 2005. His next exposure to bootblacking at Frolicon 2006 started Q on his journey to learn more regarding this art. Q is honored to hold the titles of International Ms Bootblack 2008 and Southeast Leatherfest Bootblack 2007.

In service to his community, Q has presented and/or judged a number of community events including Southwest Leather Conference, International Leather Sir/boy/Community Bootblack, Great Lakes Leather Alliance, Toronto Leather Pride, Dark Odyssey Winter Fire, Mr/Ms New Jersey Leather, Black Rose, International Ms Leather/International Ms Bootblack, and Northern California Community Bootblack.

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