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Sir Tee and little kistune


Sir Tee lives in a long term 24/7 Master/slave, Consensual Non-Consent dynamic with His/Her slave little-kitsune. Tthey began their journey with D/s, during a time when there was little or no Power Exchange support available, locally or on-line. Consequently, Tthey developed and practiced their dynamic independently and privately for many years before joining the local BDSM and Power Exchange communities. This experience has given Sir Tee an appreciation for the support and education a healthy, and ethical Power Exchange community can provide.


Sir Tee is the director of MAsT: Greater Vancouver, and with the help of little-kitsune, Tthey facilitate regular monthly MAsT discussion nights, (for both sides of the slash) and host and participate in munches/socials, and educational workshops for the Power Exchange communities. Sir Tee is honoured to be this years (2019) Head Judge for the Western Canada Power Exchange Competition in Edmonton, Alberta. Impact scenes are at the top of Sir Tee’s list - including whips, floggers, bastinado and canning, along with mind-fuckery, rough body play, pressure points, needles, with a side of bondage!

little-kitsune lives in a (24/7) Master/slave relationship with her Master Sir Tee. Power exchange (PE) dynamics has been the foundation of Ttheir relationship for over 24 years. she is active in the community and co-directs the MAsT: Greater Vancouver Chapter with her Master, lending her slave voice and perspective to the regular monthly MAsT discussion nights; she also leads ‘aspire’, a discussion group for those on the ‘s’ side of the slash. her work with MAsT enables her to fulfill her goal of supporting the growth of a healthy and ethical Power Exchange community.


In addition to her work with MAsT, little-kitsune was honoured to serve as judge at the 2018 Western Canada Power Exchange (WCPE) Competition in Edmonton. She is also a member of the Hard Pink Sisterhood, an international organization that works actively to support women in the BDSM, Kink and Leather community.

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