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RAK Lite 2023

Cat Maverick




I'm Cat Maverick and I'm a Sadist. 


I Identify as Leather and use She/Her pronouns. I've been doing this thing that we do for more years than I care to count, and I'm an active and enthusiastic member of my local kink community in both Calgary and Edmonton. 


I appreciate the privilege of sharing my experience, passions and perversions, and I am thrilled be able to travel to events to present and participate, learn new things and meet more of my tribe everywhere I go! I've presented locally in Alberta but Pre-Covid I was been invited to Chicago, Seattle, Las Vegas in the US and Winnipeg, Vancouver, Victoria and Nanaimo in Canada, with hopefully lots more to come! 


I love power exchange, and I love to play on the edge... of many things. I define my primary kink as connection, and also as "whatever makes you make that sound. I'm known for intense, creative, edgy play, but also for humor, and a dash of the unexpected. I fetishize sharp, shiny, dangerous things (Needles, scalpels, straight razors, knives and swords). I am also known for being gleefully sadistic and rather "bitey/screamy". 


I’m a PRICK when I play and strive for ongoing informed consent, risk awareness and risk education, as well as personal responsibility. Once that is covered we can get down to truly fucking people up! 


No matter what the topic, I offer presentations with vibrant energy, sadistic humor, and shameless sexual innuendo. I can’t wait to meet you! 


Lily_Tauries (she/her) also known as LilyT, identifies as a heavy bottom masochist.

LilyT is an active member in the Calgary community for 5+ years who continues to evolve through attending workshops, events, and discussions. She helps run the local Atomic Social Club play party, as well as the RAK Conference.


You may have seen her as a demo for a variety of different classes. She is always up to being someone's bottom as they learn and grow their skills.

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