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February 10 - 11

~ Be The Change: Facilitating Diversity In Kink ~

There is an ongoing conversation about the lack of diversity in kink, but very few people have come up with tangible, workable ways that we, as kinksters, can make our communities more diverse. This is a discussion group, where people of all genders, cultural backgrounds, ability levels and body types can talk about real ways we can create and promote safe and diverse spaces.

~ Boots! Boots!   Boots! ~

Are you wanting to learn about how to incorporate boots into your kink life?
Whether you're a top or a bottom, I’ll be talking about how to do that from both sides of the slash!

Join @Creature in talking about all sorts of boot play!

This workshop will be spent partially talking about how to do boot play from a Dominant/Top's side of things and the other portion talking about it from a Bottom/Submissive's perspective. Some of the areas we will be discussing include things such as: negotiation, risk assessment, safe areas to play with on the boot as well as on the body, small intro to leather care/bootblacking, extra info, and how to tie that all into one to have a fun experience!

I’ll be talking about different types of play such as impact play, rough body play, leather care/bootblacking, service, raunch, degradation/humiliation, dominance/submission- but all from a specialized lens of how to do so while engaging in boot play.

There are no prerequisites to joining in on this workshop, except maaaybe an interest in boots!

Let us show how to make the sexy things you walk in, that much sexier!


~ Step Into MY Parlour:   Mummification &  Saran Suspension ~

Mummification! Total immobility can be super fun. Attach your bottom to a piece of furniture, or hang them up a pole with their feet dangling! Create a predicament, use them as an art project or make your bottom into a mermaid. We'll talk about positions to try, leaving the good bits available, safety concerns, safe signals & incorporating breath play.


Saran Suspension How do you make your bottom into a fly in your web? Simple suspensions, materials, design elements, safety considerations and options for: “Now how do I get them down?”. We will cover all the basics to enjoy those cool scenes (and get those amazing photos).

~ Daddy Scott’s Shockingly Good Time Violet Wand Class ~

The sounds of electrical zaps and pops, the smell of burnt ozone, the special squeals that emanate from a bottom when they feel the sharp sensation of electricity being applied to their body. Does the thought of being shocked and zapped or shocking and zapping someone get your juices flowing? Then this is the class for you!

We will quickly cover the basics of violet wand play, the safety protocols to incorporate in your violet wand play. Then we will move on to various forms of electrical torture. Covering how to take your play from “Oh that’s nice.” to “You want to put that electrode where?!?!”

Although this is a bit more of an advanced class, Violet Wand beginners and virgins are welcome. You do not need a violet want to attend the class.


~   Nailing the Self-Tie Basics (Self-tied or Partnered) More than skin deep: beyond the basics of needle play  ~


Whether you have been self-tying for years or you are brand new, the basics are the key to accomplishing your goals. We will cover five topics that I believe are the building blocks of self-tying. There will be time to practice each topic separately, do some drills, and put it all together at the end. Throughout the class, we will also cover tension, how to handle rope better for self-tying and random tips that pop up throughout the night. 

~   Emotional Sadomasochism  ~

In this class, we will focus on what emotional sadomasochism is and the different types of play that can fall into this category. We will explore possible definitions and why people might partake in this type of play. There will also be a brief introduction to a framework for scene building. This class is a lecture-style class, but with built-in opportunities for discussion groups. (Lecture with guided discussion portions).

~   More than skin deep: beyond the basics of needle play  ~

Beauty is more than skin deep, but did you know that needle play can be as well? Oh the fun we can have when we go passed the superficial layers: muscle, bone, and blood! Come learn how to explore the depths of needle play in a safer manner as we explore the anatomy and demonstrate 90° needle insertions and more. Participants are expected to already have a baseline knowledge of cross contamination, blood borne pathogens and intro needle play experience.

~ Confessions of a Cigar Slut; what is so hawt about cigars? ~  

So many things are ridiculously sexy about cigars and in this workshop, we will dig into what is compelling and erotic about cigar play. So whether you have a personal interest or have a Top who does, this class will cover all the basics to get started as a cigar bottom. We will also cover some of the sexy and creative ways to add cigars into your kink life.

If you smoke or want to try, bring a cigar along ( we may also have some to share ), but this is not required for the class.

~ I’m A Dirty Slut! Bottoming To Humiliation Play ~

Erotic humiliation and degradation is a complex, creative and compelling form of BDSM. Considered edge play for some and integral to D/s for others, this topic is ripe for exploration.

As bottoms, how do we find the sweet spot where we can walk through the dark alleyways of our desires and come out on the other side intact. How do we come to terms with any guilt or confusion attached to this often taboo form of play and clarify what is erotic for us? How do we find ways to satisfy our Tops without losing bits and pieces of ourselves?

This is a facilitated discussion class for those with experience. We will dive deep into motivations, challenges, lessons, and have some fun sharing hot and humiliating stories.

~ Playing It UNsafe: Survival Tactics For 'Bad' Bottoms ~

Are you an 's' type that either has bad boundaries or your kink is such that negotiation is a serious buzz kill? Do you lean towards consensual non-consent dynamics, or get off on having your boundaries challenged or stomped on? Do you prefer to dive into the dark waters and deal with the consequences later? If you related to some or all of these but still want to keep yourself mostly intact, happy and ready for more, then this is the class for you.

This will be a lecture and discussion class, with time for questions and sharing.

Suitable for those of all levels of experience.

~ Bondage for Impact and Rough body play: Intermediate ~

Are you tired of your partner trying to get away while you are giving them a good beating? Would you like to free up both of your hands while doling out some well deserved punishment to your play partner? Not only can rope be used to restrict the movement of your partner during impact play, but well placed rope can enhance the experience for both partners. Join Woodentiger as he shows the versatility of rope in achieving these lofty goals.

Lecture and demonstration
Hands on if time permits


Minimum Requisite Skills:
Experience tying someone with rope at any level


Recommended skills:
Ability to tie non-collapsing single and double column ties
A good understanding of frictions and locks


Experience with tying:
Basic futomomo
Basic chest/hip harnesses


Materials needed:
Notebook to take notes
Minimum of three to four lengths of rope 28 feet/ 8 meters in length; nylon, hemp, cotton, jute, etc.

Please note: Masks will be required to be worn to attend Xanthine’s classes. This allows them to present without having to wear a mask themselves. RAK will provide masks at the door if you don’t have one.

~ Trigger Warning ~

This class is for the dark, perverted, shadowy corners of your brain. Each person’s unique psychology influences their stress reactions, perceptions of fear, and emotional responses to stimuli. We will explore how to mold environmental factors to heighten and accentuate those individual perceptions, and discuss the subtle, tricksy knack of negotiation for fear play. We'll get into methods we can use to identify, assess, and manipulate fear, conflict, and strain for physiological response and emotional release.

This class is similar to Xanthine’s class “Inside the Crucible”, in that they will be conducting a real time fear play scene in conjunction with a lecture and discussion.

Note: If you have a trigger, we will likely touch upon it. Please contact Xanthine asap if you have any specific concerns.

(advanced, demo and lecture)

~ Freedom of Choice: Predicaments And Mindreading ~

How do people make decisions? You want to play with predicaments, but how can you predict the outcome of an action while in scene? Learn to use cognitive bias and other modern discoveries in neuroscience to predict how the bottom will react and be motivated, and use this to structure the scene so it can end how you'd like it to. Predicaments give goals to look forward to and shake up the usual "beat me, Seymour" of dungeon play. The looks of consternation, the pleading eyes, the mad scientist in the lab - get your creativity flowing and your bottom looking for a hole to crawl into. Oh, you wanted a hole that isn't full of snakes? Oops!

(lecture, demo, any level)

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