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Whip Workshop:  Experience Passion, Joy, Fear and Healing

What comes to your being when you think about whips? Is it Fear, Joy, Excitement, No Fuckin way? In this workshop you will learn to create more depth/connection and tap into your passion. Whether a Top or bottom, this starts with a willingness to be present. Daddy Crone Leenie, will guide those who wish to throw the whip plus assisting bottom’s and Top’s work through their resistance to receiving the whip, creating an opportunity to reshape negative experiences into an opening/positive experience and connection to your passion.

This workshop will leave you with solid skills, power exchange energy awareness, and an undying love for the whip. Although this class is participation based, the dance is mesmerizing to watch and an altering experience for everyone. It is so much more than technique.

Participation will be welcomed and encouraged.  If you own whips, bring them. Let's Dance!

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