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RAK Lite 2023



A pleasure activist and the founder of TellMia, mia (aka nudegirl) provides Sex Positive Workshops, Coaching, and Events. With a counselling-focused undergrad degree and training in group facilitation, mia has taken that skill base and combined it with her personal experience as a bottom to create a subset of BDSM-specific education.

With taboo, erotic humiliation and consensual non-consent being the foundations of her kink, she strives to help debunk some of the misconceptions, and highlight the eroticism, around these types of play.

mia has been playing and running events in the community for many years and is informed by honest connections, community service and a desire to engage with like-minded deviants. She founded the Subby Women's group, co-founded the Victoria Munch, SOAP, Rose&Thorn, Building better Tops and bottoms series and has produced numerous parties and events.

She approaches kink with passion, a healthy sense of humour, and a strong commitment to personal responsibility. mia has had the pleasure of presenting at a wide range of events including: The Voo, Kinky Kollege, Leather Reign, FapCon, ConvergeCon, BCSP, Sin in the City, Vancouver Edge, Sagacity, Cornucopia, University of Victoria and VI women's show.


~ Confessions of a Cigar Slut; what is so hawt about cigars? ~

(More to come!)

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