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Chaos Rope


Have a base understanding of your risk profile, limits and energy levels. 

Class Description: 

Chaos rope is how I like to approach decorative ties, floor rope shenanigans, and occasional core workouts. By using friction across the body, we can end up with elaborate shapes and webs. Alternatively, we can end up with the person in the rope being in an uncomfortable position while you are laughing at their suffering. We’ll cover a variety of frictions and hitches one can use to facilitate the chaos. Throughout the class, we will also cover safety, tension, and how to handle rope better for maximum chaos. This class is going to be focused on partnered tying, but all of these skills can be used for self-tying and is self-tie friendly! 

What to Bring to Class: 

Rope! You only really need two to three hanks of rope, and they can be whatever length you want them to be (ideally 8-10 meters, but whatever lengths you have are super ok). If you have lots of rope, absolutely bring it with you! Bring cutting shears, a notebook if you like to take notes, a yoga mat/floor mat/a blanket if you want to sit on the floor, and whatever else you need to be present. 

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