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JerseyGirl is a self-suspender who loves minimalist, functional, and dynamic rope. She has been involved in the Calgary kink community for over 10 years. She started as a rope bottom but stumbled into a self-tying class and expanded her horizons. It was love at first flight, and she has been self-suspending for over six years. Shortly thereafter she also started tying other people; she couldn’t do all the awful ideas to herself. 

She self-suspends to be up in the air as quickly as possible and for as long as possible. Her style of rope is minimalist and functional, every piece of rope serves a purpose (otherwise, it’s just getting in the way). With a passion for inversions, futomomos, and movement, her rope practice is heavy on the pain. 

Self-suspending has brought a ton of joy to her sadomasochistic heart. Rope suck is her love language and she can teach you ways to make the suck work for you. She can provide knowledge from a bottoming, topping, and self-tying perspective.


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