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You Can Fly!


Understand your risk profile, limits, and energy levels. You need to know how to tie a suspension-worthy upper and lower body tie. You need to understand the concept of uplines to attend this class. 

Class Description: 

This class is the first step to getting into the air and we will work on a beginner-friendly self-suspension sequence. This class will not focus on harnesses or patterns, instead, it will focus on how to use your skills to safely get into the air. The goal of the class is to do your first self-suspension, and not retain a specific harness or upline. The class will have a tie-along chest harness, lower body harness, and self-suspension component. 

This class is for people who have some self-tying experience as this is not a beginner class. The focus of this goal will be to have everyone complete a self-suspension time permitting. Those deemed unsafe, will not be allowed to fly during class time.

What to Bring to Class: 

Rope! You will need enough rope to tie an upper and lower body harness on yourself. You will also need at least two lengths of rope you are comfortable using as uplines. You will also need to bring rigging gear to use in a self-suspension. There will be no loaner suspension equipment available for use. Bring cutting shears, a notebook if you like to take notes, a yoga mat/floor mat/a blanket if you want to sit on the floor, and whatever else you need to be present. 

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